Rules and policies


Responsible behaviour plan

Within this page is a synopsis of our behaviour management plan. For the full details please click on the button provided at the bottom of the page. Our Centre community has identified the following site values which promote the highest standards of responsible behaviour.

  • Care for your self
  • Care for others
  • Care for the environment
  • Participate

Individuals have the responsibility to respect themselves. In demonstrating this students’ need to:

  • wear appropriate sun smart clothing
  • wear appropriate foot wear for activities
  • use common sense in unfamiliar environments
  • follow safety instructions communicate with staff about concerns or anxieties.

Consequences for unacceptable behaviour

Students may be withdrawn from activities for persistent or serious misconduct. In all cases they will be supervised by a staff member. Persistent unacceptable behaviour reported to Centre Administration will be reported to the visiting school's administration and/or parents. Students may be removed from activities (indefinitely) or excluded from the remaining program (requiring dismissal to home) by Centre Administration for the following reasons:

  • Breach of the visiting school's behaviour plan (PDF, 245KB).
  • Criminal behaviour.
  • The student's continued presence is a serious threat to their own safety or the safety of others.
    Premeditated vandalism including environmental vandalism.

In the event of a prohibited substance being found with/or consumed by a student, the centre will enact the following procedures:

  • Health status of student will be determined and medical support sought if necessary.
  • Substance will be identified (where possible), confiscated and secured.
  • Any other people involved will be identified and managed accordingly.
  • Police service will be notified if the substance is suspected as being illicit.
  • Student's school Principal will be contacted. Strategy for informing parent/caregiver will be negotiated along with procedures for transporting student from the centre.
  • Regional Executive Director South East will be notified and a report will be prepared.

Behaviour support

Jacobs Well Environmental Education Centre supports all visiting schools through provision of a detailed resource package which includes the centre's guidelines for responsible behaviour regarding safety, risk, welfare, health and security.

Other points to note

  • It is the visiting school's responsibility to ensure that student and visiting adults support structures (medical, learning and behaviour support) available at the school site that are provided during Centre programs.
  • Contact will be made with the visiting school's administration in the case of serious breaches of conduct.
  • Behaviour support strategies will reflect collaboration between Centre staff, visiting school staff, school administration and parents as required.

In cases of misconduct, students will be encouraged to

  • identify their inappropriate behaviour
  • reflect on the implications of their behaviour
  • accept responsibility and appropriate consequences for their actions and
  • strive to rebuild trust and select more appropriate behaviours.
Last reviewed 22 November 2018
Last updated 22 November 2018